Virtual weekend challenge - Entry

    Period (Germany) 20.02.2021-10:00..21.02.2021-20:30

      The online competition is carried out like the prelims of a normal stacking competition.

    • Stackers may only compete once in the given time
    • The attemps for 3-3-3, 3-6-3 and cycle must be executed in a direct row and in this order
    • Each Stacker is allowed up to 2 warm ups prior to each of the three separate competition stacks
    • Your attemps should be reviewed by someone either on site or via livestream
    • If your attemps was reviewed please check the "Ref" checkbox
    • Only honest participation is really fun...
    Enter your times in the format: 7.132
    Please enter First and Last Name
    Sex Special Name Age 3-3-3 3-6-3 cycle Ref